#AprilAppreciations – Amazing Women!

Posted on Apr 5, 2016

Holly Dowling Keynote Speaker #AprilAppreciations

Today, I celebrate a huge appreciation for some of the most amazing, brilliant, gifted women in my life who have been there, under the radar, to support me, love me, encourage me, lift me, inspire me, and believe in me. To all of you women- to whom I am going to name just a handful- you specifically need to know how much I, Holly, appreciate you. In this month of appreciation, I ask you to pause for a moment and realize what a gift you are to this world and what a gift you have been to me.

Donna Brighton, you continue to impact lives all over the world with your generous heart and amazing spirit. You’ve continued to be such an encourager of me and continue to shine the spotlight and remind me of my brilliance in this world.

Jenn Kaye, your joy, authentic love, and heart have taught me to be a better human being. This is invaluable to me, so thank you.

Paula Grey, you have been through the thick and thin with me. You have been there through the toughest times and continue to be one of the most genuine, heart-spirited, brilliant friends. I have watched you battle the storms of life and continue to focus on the rainbows. You inspire me, you inspire the world, and I thank you for loving me the way you have for so many years…almost 30!

Carla Diogo, you have become a very dear friend in a short amount of time. Your gifts, your brilliance– you are appreciated, Carla. You continue to wear so many hats, and continue to be a beautiful, amazing soul in my life. I thank you for sharing your brilliance. Because of you, I have a few other women who have become dear colleagues, but more than that, friends. Women who I am in awe of!

Carol Henry, I just want to thank you. Thank you for being the biggest encourager, the biggest cheerleader. Talk about a “balcony person”– you believe in me, you’re a colleague, a client, a friend, and most of all, a beautiful spirit on this earth. I consider you one of my best friends. Thank you for your gift of love.

Karen Eber, you are changing lives all over the world. Thank you for trusting me with your tough times and your glory times. You need to be appreciated, and I want to shine the spotlight and let you know how much you mean to the people that know and love you. You make a difference in people’s lives. Your brilliance comes with such a beautiful heart, and I will forever be grateful for having you in my life.

And finally, Ali Brown. I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend and supporter. You are a woman who’s changed lives all over the world. You have achieved so much success in many people’s eyes. But what you’ve done for me– you’ve given me my wings and believed in me as another woman wanting to make a difference in this world. You encourage me, you lift me up, and you love me for who I am. These are just a few of some of the most amazing women I feel so blessed to have in my world. If I could create a flower bouquet, each one of you would represent a gorgeous bloom of a unique and individual brilliance that you shine into this world.

I thank you all, I cherish you all, and today, I kickstart this month of appreciation. I hope each one of you will take the time to pass this forward and think about someone you love, you appreciate, and let them know. It’s never too late.

Today, take 10 minutes to let someone know how much they mean to you.

Much love and appreciation!

Holly Dowling