#AprilAppreciations: April 17, 2017

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

#AprilAppreciations Holly Dowling 2017

I want to kickoff this year’s #AprilAppreciations by appreciating all the incredible men in my life that have been there to encourage me, inspire me, & love me unconditionally, in every way, shape, or form! As many of you know, this last month I revealed a very dark time in my past, and I want to celebrate the men who have helped me believe in the goodness of men again.

These men have been my rocks by believing in me, loving me, and being my cheerleader through both the tough times and the great times: My wonderful husband, Steve Dowling. My father, Hoss Dastmalchian who has been there unconditionally my whole life. My brothers David Dastmalchian & Jeff Dastmalchian, who have been my angels. And my 3 sons, Jake Wilcox, Levi Wilcox, and Ryne J Dowling, who have continued to show me such beautiful love.

Join me for the next 7 days and show your #AprilAppreciations for those who have made a difference in your life! Whether it’s a letter, a phone call, or a shoutout on social media, tell someone how much you appreciate them and see the difference it makes in the world!

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