Self care ideas to bring to light in what can be dark times struggling with mental health

Posted on May 25, 2021

As we honor mental health awareness month, we all have been touched by some degree of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues, and many have been pushed to the brink this past year. Mental health issues are at an all time high. According to Medical News Today, “Scientists are starting to see a global ‘surge’ in depression.” MNT reported a survey that found cases in depression had tripled over the course of the pandemic: The mental health effects of the pandemic, 1 year on (

So what can you do TODAY? 

  • Pause every day, and give yourself permission to focus on healthy rituals you can put in place for yourself. Create those boundaries and hold those daily rituals as a sacred part of your day. For me, it is my morning meditation which strikes the spiritual and emotional chord; and additionally, a physical routine which also helps lift my mental spirit. Do you have a daily ritual? A wonderful daily inspiration is a great way to find your own: Hollyisms Daily Dose Of Inspirations 
  • Extend the circle of love around you, near or far, by encouraging others to take care of themselves. Sometimes people need reminding of what makes them feel good. For example, “remember when you use to …. OR… didn’t you use to enjoy doing” comments might be helpful. Knowing people “have your back” and sharing love helps build resilience. Plus, reminding others to take care of themselves will invoke a reaction within yourself too.
  • Stop pushing this topic under the carpet! We have been crushed by a society that has found it the norm to power on, push through, and suck it up. Bring your vulnerability to light and your courage will shine as others help you through a difficult time.  It is time to bring awareness by showing love and compassion and supporting those around us.

It is true, we are all in this together and by leaning into others who show compassion for your struggle, in the end, people instinctively, intrinsically, and deeply unravel the human connection of wanting to help. Know me, care about me, pay attention to me, now more than ever!