Spiritual Quest Called Blessed

Posted on Mar 24, 2022

The time is now. I am stepping out of fear with faith that it’s time to let my light shine, and time to let YOUR light shine. My “spiritual quest called blessed” has been about the discovery of my letting go of the shackles and bondage of what I have known of the past; from letting go of former beliefs and tapping into my divine light so I can help the world awaken their own divine light within and awaken their own power! 
Now it is your time to truly start letting go of what you have known of the past, so we can open the possibilities to live your best life! The life I am leading is glorious, magical, and miraculous because the shift of letting go of what I have known has allowed me to be open and embrace. This shift has allowed me to find my light within and let it shine brighter than ever, choose joy and choose love along with the palpable desire to share this with the world. We all have it. It is a matter of trusting it, owning it, and listening to the wisdom within and allowing heaven’s divine gifts to flow out. 
Lead with confidence, lead with love, lead with faith. I have never loved my life more than I do now and it is truly because of this past year. For the first time ever, I found “Holly” in COVID. After many years of questions and wondering, I have discovered the secret to living a life of pure joy and love. Through the chaos, the despair, and all the obstacles, there has been triumph and glory; but most of all I found my light and I will never dim that light again. It is time to let your light shine, awaken your power within, so you can live a life that you create and fits you, not a life of fitting in.