Well-being in 7 Minutes a Day: How to Nourish Your Soul and Increase Your Joy

Posted on Aug 23, 2022

The most important thing in my world and something I take time to nourish every day, is my spiritual, mental, emotional, and my physical well-being. My number ONE is my spiritual well-being, without feeding our soul, and our spiritual self, everything else falls apart!  So, what are you doing to add joy to your life?  Please, I beg you. Take seven minutes a day and give yourself silence. Do something where you can be away in pure silence, because “Silence is Nectar for the Soul” ~ Hollyism. Did you know taking care of your soul is far more important than your skin, hair, and even physical health? All those come and go, but what is with you before this lifetime and after this lifetime is your Beautiful Soul, and it MUST be nourished!  Give yourself seven minutes a day for the next seven days, think about what you can do to add joy to your life. When is the last time you did something ridiculously fun? Do something completely different than your normal life, that is what “wellness for the soul is,” be thinking about how to nurture your soul and begin to plant seeds and add to your life doses of fun, doses of joy!  Your soul will thank you for it!