Wellbeing: STOP Letting Others “SHOULD” On You!”

Posted on Aug 16, 2022

I beg you to stop right now…

Stop living a life of fitting in. Today is a new day. Start creating a life that fits you.  

Stop choosing a career that the world thinks you should choose. Your wellbeing and wellness in the workplace is vital to our daily life!

Stop feeling like day after day you need to become what others have decided is best for you.

STOP letting others SHOULD on you! NO ONE has the right to SHOULD on you. NO ONE gets to determine your life, your career, or who you choose to love.

So today…choose to love yourself…start creating a life that fits YOU!

The most beautiful thing will happen…EVERYONE in your life will win!

You win because you are following your soul’s highest calling and everyone around you wins because your wellness is key, and they are not getting a depleted half-ass version of you. This is exactly what is left when we spend OUR lives trying to fit in! During National Wellness Month and beyond, I welcome you to explore my “Spiritual Quest called Blessed.”