Soul Care: Take Well-Being to the Next Level

Posted on Sep 13, 2022

Soul Care Day 1 
Stay close to the people who make you feel like sunshine! Let go of toxic, negative emotional vampires, and surround yourself with people that lift you up and inspire you, and may you give the same to others!

Soul Care Day 2
GIVE today! The true joy in living is NOT receiving, it is in GIVING!
Today I challenge you to give someone the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT, APPRECIATION, LOVE, EMPATHY, COMPASSION, OR UNDERSTANDING. I promise it will add so much joy to your soul!

Soul Care Day 3
“Wherever you are right now, be ALL there.”-Hollyism
Live today, truly live in the present. Stop multitasking. Stop obsessing over what is next! Be in the present because the greatest gift of all is the gift of being fully present. So be present today, take care of your soul and watch the magic happen throughout your day, your life, and the life of others!

Soul Care Day 4
One of the most delectable, delicious, and yummy things you can possibly do is take yourself to “Snuggle City.” It is not about snuggling with another person. Maybe it’s snuggling up with a great book, listening to a great playlist while wrapped in a warm blanket, or simply sitting by a fire. Maybe it’s listening to the rain while wrapped in something soft and cozy. What can you do for Soul Care today? Go find “Your Snuggle City!”

Soul Care Day 5 
“Your drama is not my crisis.” -Hollyism
Today’s the day to take care of yourself, your soul, your emotions, and your physical, and mental well-being. Today, start looking at others and realize it is NOT your responsibility to make them happy. It’s about setting boundaries, and always protecting your soul! If you can give yourself this boundary it will Ignite Your Soul to start standing up for yourself and you will have the power to say no to all the drama!

​Soul Care Day 6
When is the last time you just sat and you dreamed? Dreamed about what you really would love to be doing. Today give yourself the gift of dreaming. It’s never too late to dream. Dreams are gifts from our spirit. They’re meant to alter us.  They’re meant to inspire us. They’re meant to give us a light in the dark. They’re meant to give us our Soul’s Direction.

Soul Care Day 7
It’s the final day of our beautiful 7-Day Challenge.  Hopefully, you’re taking the time to truly pause and realize that the only person that’s going to take care of you and your soul is you. So why not make it a priority? Give yourself the gift of an emotional time out and begin embracing every single one of these tips and nuggets of wisdom. I don’t share anything that I don’t do for myself, and I’ll tell you It’s the greatest gift I’ve given myself.  Always take care of your soul.