Awaken Your Light Within:

finding joy in turbulent times

A powerful keynote centered on finding joy in turbulent times! Based upon decades in the speaking industry, Holly Dowling discovered what was missing. Join Holly as she dives into the antifragile mindset, the 4 powerful daily rituals, and the real data impacting teams with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

During turbulent times, a state of resiliency is a collective necessity, but what does that mean? Learn how to move beyond resilience into the “antifragile mindset” and how to draw upon this innate character attribute. Step out of fear with faith as Holly asks you to start focusing on JOY to create a richer version of yourself. When you find joy, you find peace and purpose with passion!

“Awaken Your Light Within” draws upon Holly’s dynamic years with audiences combined with her unique spiritual essence of the human experience. Offered live or virtual, this exceptional keynote has already received rave reviews.

“The Women of Meraki had the pleasure of hosting Holly for our International Women’s Day Event this year! This years’ message was around “Awakening the Light Within”, which really resonated and left an incredible impact on our entire WoM community. Holly’s passion and energy are truly unmatched- it is rare to find such an engaging speaker that also provides simple, actionable takeaways. We can’t wait to host Holly again in the future!” ~ Rachel Greene, Inside Sales Director, Cisco Meraki

Actionable takeaways:

    • Discover the innate character attributes to tap into the antifragile mindset
    • Master the daily 4 step ritual for thriving and choosing joy through turbulent times to rekindle your light within
    • Go beyond the Emotional Quotient (EQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and learn about the powerful Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to help your teams tap in and Awaken Your Light Within!