Wellbeing: STOP Letting Others “SHOULD” On You!”

I beg you to stop right now… Stop living a life of fitting in. Today is a new day. Start creating a life that fits you.   Stop choosing a career that the world thinks you should choose. Your wellbeing and wellness in the workplace is vital to our daily...

Spiritual Quest Called Blessed

The time is now. I am stepping out of fear with faith that it's time to let my light shine, and time to let YOUR light shine. My "spiritual quest called blessed" has been about the discovery of my letting go of the shackles and bondage of what I have known of the...

The SHEROES Most Inspiring Women 2021

Humility and strength are rich character attributes that define global keynote speaker and inspirational thought leader Holly Dowling. While she is clearly strong, independent and bright, she is also someone who has had her share of struggles, yet likes to find goodness in every individual and believe that human beings, in general, are inherently good.


For Immediate Release: January 9, 2020 Media Contact: Dawn Burnett, 407-873-7798 #SHEROproject Announces Red Carpet Gala Event with SHERO Foundation and Collaborator Comic Book Inker Keith Williams Creating a Poster of Live Super SHEROs. FLORIDA- #SHEROproject a...

Not All Men Are Monsters

Not all men are monsters. Trust me when I say it is time to celebrate good men. We have all been hearing a lot about #metoo, and I have also been a #metoo. But at the end of the day, I feel it is time to celebrate the men out there that are not monsters—the men that are truly wanting to know what to do in these changing times. They care, they are champions, they are ambassadors of women, and there are a lot of men out there who stand up for integrity and class.

Not All Men are Monsters Holly Dowling

#AprilAppreciations: April 17, 2017

I want to kickoff this year’s #AprilAppreciations by appreciating all the incredible men in my life that have been there to encourage me, inspire me, & love me unconditionally, in every way, shape, or form! As many of you know, this last month I revealed a very dark time in my past, and I want to celebrate the men who have helped me believe in the goodness of men again.

#AprilAppreciations Holly Dowling 2017

A Diamond in the Tough: Resilience is Refinement

This is such a powerful part of our life and I feel a part that has been so neglected. We tend to either ignore it, discard it, or don't give it enough attention and credibility in our life. There is power in resilience. Those days when you have been put to the test and your feet have been put to the fire, and you think, “I just can't go on.” Or the day that you feel there's a black cloud hanging over you. Every single one of us has had those days, those months, or those years. Yet, somehow we make it through.

A Damond in the Tough

Stand Up for What You Stand For

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could empower young people around the world to feel confident, strong, truly inspired, and empowered to stand up for what they stand for?

Stand Up for What You Stand For