#AprilAppreciations – 2 Remarkable Men

Today's #AprilAppreciations go out to 2 remarkable men in my life who encourage me, believe in me, and love me unconditionally! My dear father, Hossein Dastmalchian & my adoring husband, Steve! I love you both so very much!

Holly Dowling Keynote Speaker #AprilAppreciations

#AprilAppreciations – Amazing Women!

Today, I celebrate a huge appreciation for some of the most amazing, brilliant, gifted women in my life who have been there, under the radar, to support me, love me, encourage me, lift me, inspire me, and believe in me. To all of you women- to whom I am going to name just a handful- you specifically need to know how much I, Holly, appreciate you. In this month of appreciation, I ask you to pause for a moment and realize what a gift you are to this world and what a gift you have been to me.

Holly Dowling Keynote Speaker #AprilAppreciations

Join the #AprilAppreciations Challenge!

Welcome to #AprilAppreciations month! I challenge you to join me in a month of pure joy and appreciation. Who do you appreciate? Who hasn't heard how much they mean to you? Can we take the challenge? Can we pay it forward? If not every single day this month, can you think of someone once a week?

Holly Dowling Keynote Speaker #AprilAppreciations