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Ever go on a date with yourself?

Your inner self, that magical place of “inner knowing” that tells you everything you need to know to manifest everything you desire in your business and life?

We all too often fall into the trap of being “human doings” instead of human beings, thinking our success is dependent solely on our outer activity rather than our inner thoughts.

Holly Dowling On The 5 Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker

Start focusing on bringing your light to your message so you can shine a light on everyone else. To be a highly effective speaker, ask yourself what was the most effective take-away from a speaker you recently saw. And you will realize it was not the way they memorized something, it was how they made you FEEL and made a difference in your life. I always pray before I go on stage, that if just one person’s life can be impacted and changed for the better, then that is why I am here.

Leading with Joy in Life and the Workplace

Listen in as Holly tackles the tough topics and taboos leaders have evaded when trying to incorporate joy into their lives and work while encouraging others to do the same. Through simple and quick methods, Holly shares how to find your joy, conquer fear, and encounter growth within yourself and the world around you. Listen now: