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“Tell Me No, Watch Me Go!” with Holly Dowling

Have you ever met someone who you INSTANTLY knew was meant to be in your life? Someone who you just clicked with and said, “YES! You… Come with me.” That’s how I felt as soon as I met my next guest, Holly Dowling.

Women for Change: A Lesson in Determination and Perseverance

What started as an idea in September turned into the first formal public event hosted by The Sustainable Innovation MBA (SI-MBA) program’s Women for Change group. Seven months ago, Lauren Masters, a current student of the SI-MBA program said, “I think Holly Dowling would be a great speaker to catalyze and legitimize our group within UVM’s Grossman School of Business and the greater Burlington community.”

The Future of Sustainability is Female

The MBA Women for Change, a student-founded and managed group, is about to conclude its first year of existence, and scored a number of significant accomplishments in 2018-2019 aimed at bringing the issue of gender equality in the workplace to the forefront.

Jesus Calling

Honored and to share my story on my most favorite podcast Jesus Calling. "When I began to believe I didn’t have to be perfect to be loved, my life changed forever. " Listen now on @itunes @spotify @iheartradio or wherever you get your podcasts!

“Like” Holly Dowling on PeopleMaven’s Fantastic Public Speaker List!

I highly recommend Holly Dowling because she has an amazing ability to engage audiences, of various sizes, and break down barriers. She is an award-winning speaker on leadership, empowerment, strengths-based performance and personal/professional excellence. Holly is in demand-with speaking engagements booked well into 2020, with no agent. Her stellar reputation has resulted in referrals often to large, Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, Hilton. Because she started her career working as a cruise director, she was groomed and trained to connect with diverse audiences, to exhibit poise and grace under pressure, to inspire action and accountability that results in better performance, better quality of life and better connections. The impact her message has on audiences is long-lasting and life-changing. Fantastic Public Speaker sums Holly up in 3 words---- but what she can do and the impact she has is far greater!!!

Hiring the Right Professional Speaker

Whether a meeting planner is looking to motivate employees, inspire an audience or educate C-level executives on the latest marketing strategies, hiring a professional speaker is often easier said than done. Mismatched styles, wrong messaging or unprofessional delivery can easily result in a speaking event that doesn’t encourage or engage attendees. Therefore, it’s vital that meeting planners do their homework to find a speaker that keeps attendees wanting more.

Being An Effective Female Leader in Tech Means NOT Doing These 3 Things

Female leaders in tech have to play by different rules. The hard truth is that women are still in the minority at all levels of tech careers. While Fortune 500 companies appointed a record number of women to board seats in 2017, there are still only 5% of women in CEO roles at companies in the S & P 500.

Holly Dowling on “She’s Got Moxie”

On today’s show, Holly talks about how she started her entrepreneurial journey by following a news article she saw in the paper when she was a stay-at-home mom, how she became an inspirational thought leader, and much more.

Holly Dowling Article on Thrive Global, “Not All Men Are Monsters”

Not all men are monsters. Trust me when I say it is time to celebrate good men. We have all been hearing a lot about #metoo, and I have also been a #metoo. But at the end of the day, I feel it is time to celebrate the men out there that are not monsters—the men that are truly wanting to know what to do in these changing times. They care, they are champions, they are ambassadors of women, and there are a lot of men out there who stand up for integrity and class.