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On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m so excited to sit with Holly Dowling, a global keynote speaker, inspirational thought leader and all-around exuberant human being. Holly has over 20 years of experience helping managers become stronger leaders, individuals achieve higher levels of performance, and companies discover new opportunities for success.

What Makes Good Employees Quit? 16 Most Common Reasons

There’s this common assumption that today’s employees, especially those of the Millennial crowd and younger (born in 1982 or after), are frequent “job-hoppers”. More specifically, that they quit / change jobs way more often than past generations did and that they are typically always on the look out for themselves and their next career step rather than staying loyal to one company.

Choose the Right Speaker for a Memorable Event

Planners spend valuable time and a healthy slice of budgets searching for and hiring the right speakers. That’s why it’s crucial that planners maximize return on investment by getting the best speaker for keynotes, general sessions, breakouts, seminars and education and training meetings.

How to Create an Inclusive Culture with Holly Dowling

My friend Holly Dowling joins the show today. She’s a thought leader and a fantastic inspirational keynote speaker. Holly is passionate about creating inclusive environments within companies so that teams can thrive and organizations can retain talented people. She and I talk in-depth about how to create a culture where everyone feels a true sense of respect and belonging.

Live Life With a Passion With Holly Dowling, Inspirational Thought Leader and Global Keynote Speaker

Leaders often struggle with maximizing success while remaining cognizant of their personal values and goals. Join TJ Woodward and Holly Dowling as they share how you can tap in to your own personal “magic” to stay true to your vision of the future. Using “The Three Pillars of Power,” you will learn to craft your personal vision, stand up for what you want, and get better doing it!

Women for Change: A Lesson in Determination and Perseverance

What started as an idea in September turned into the first formal public event hosted by The Sustainable Innovation MBA (SI-MBA) program’s Women for Change group. Seven months ago, Lauren Masters, a current student of the SI-MBA program said, “I think Holly Dowling would be a great speaker to catalyze and legitimize our group within UVM’s Grossman School of Business and the greater Burlington community.”

The Future of Sustainability is Female

The MBA Women for Change, a student-founded and managed group, is about to conclude its first year of existence, and scored a number of significant accomplishments in 2018-2019 aimed at bringing the issue of gender equality in the workplace to the forefront.

Jesus Calling

Honored and to share my story on my most favorite podcast Jesus Calling. "When I began to believe I didn’t have to be perfect to be loved, my life changed forever. " Listen now on @itunes @spotify @iheartradio or wherever you get your podcasts!

“Like” Holly Dowling on PeopleMaven’s Fantastic Public Speaker List!

I highly recommend Holly Dowling because she has an amazing ability to engage audiences, of various sizes, and break down barriers. She is an award-winning speaker on leadership, empowerment, strengths-based performance and personal/professional excellence. Holly is in demand-with speaking engagements booked well into 2020, with no agent. Her stellar reputation has resulted in referrals often to large, Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, Hilton. Because she started her career working as a cruise director, she was groomed and trained to connect with diverse audiences, to exhibit poise and grace under pressure, to inspire action and accountability that results in better performance, better quality of life and better connections. The impact her message has on audiences is long-lasting and life-changing. Fantastic Public Speaker sums Holly up in 3 words---- but what she can do and the impact she has is far greater!!!