Holiday Gratitude Bundle - Book & 3 Podcast Series

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Give the gift of inspiration!

This holiday season, take advantage of this impactful holiday bundle, which pulls together the following items:

1.) Book - "Hollyisms: Let Your Light Shine!"

Looking for your daily dose of inspiration? Wake up each morning with a "Hollyism"!

Holly has compiled 50 of her favorite "isms" into a paperback journal just for you!

With all 50 inspirations under 140 characters, they're short enough to digest each day! Give yourself 5 minutes each day to reflect on each inspiration and journal on how you can incorporate that bit of wisdom into your life.

Start each day with a short inspiration to help you create, embrace, and live the life your deserve!

2.) "Celebrate You!" Podcast Series - CLASSIC Bundle

Listen as Holly provides tips and tricks for maximizing your potential, all while recounting her personal and professional anecdotes.

This 3 Episode Bundle includes:
"ReEngage Yourself in Life" - 24 minutes
Learn how to create an environment of engagement that will leave you excited and motivated in your personal and professional life.

"Power of Significance" - 17 minutes
Learn the importance of making others feel significant and the dramatic impact this can have.

"Great Week" - 13 minutes

Learn quick tips that will ensure each week is a "Great Week"!

3.) "Celebrate You!" Podcast Series - IMPACT Bundle

Tune in as Holly brings you back in touch with your self, shows how you can make a lifelong impact on the people around you, and purge your life of "emotional vampires".

This 3 Episode Bundle includes:
"Start with Self" - 25 minutes
Get in touch with your 4 parts of self! Take a deep dive into discovering your purpose, setting boundaries, and determining your rules of engagement.

"Praise & Recognition" - 23 minutes
How do you show that you value people? What’s the damage done when you don’t? Listen in to discover how you can a lifelong impression on the people around you.

"Garbage In, Garbage Out" - 22 minutes

It's time for a purge! What are you taking in? Who or what is taking up your time? Hear how you can take a "life enema" and focus your time and energy on the people/things that matter to you.

4.) Celebrate You!" Podcast Series - LEADING TEAMS Bundle

Listen as Holly provides tips and tricks for maximizing your leadership presence, engaging your team members, and effectively leading virtual teams from afar.

This 3 Episode Bundle includes:
"What Kind of Leader Are You?" - 22 minutes
What type of leader are you? Is your team highly engaged or negative? Hear the 3-5 leadership “must do’s” to create a loyal team who is ENGAGED!!

"Influencing Your Team" - 33 minutes
You have the power to make a lifelong impression on your team members. Hear what simple, daily actions can engage and motivate your team to personal & professional success.

"Virtual Teams" - 19 minutes
Learn the 3 easy tactics to enhance effective virtual team collaboration and drive performance.

Please note: "Hollyisms" book to be sent via mail, podcast files to be sent via digital download.
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