The Executive Women’s Empowerment Program

Leading the global initative of empowering career women to thrive in both their professional and personal lives, Holly Dowling has designed a customized, organizational program with the goals of:


  • Building relationships between emerging & high-performing women executives, providing opportunities for peer mentoring and networking.
  • Instilling a sense of urgency and promote action planning for career development and progression.
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to the success of an organization’s female executives and overall diversity and inclusion.
  • Creating awareness and understanding of successful models of female leadership including communication style, approach to delegation, etc.
  • Supporting greater promotion and marketing of emerging & high-performing female talent.
  • Establishing a sense of personal growth utilizing Holly’s mantra Stop Shoulding™. Start Doing.
Photo Credit: Alexander Rubin Photography
Photo Credit: Alexander Rubin Photography

Program Testimonials

  • “The Executive Women’s Empowerment Program has given me the self confidence to empower myself to change my future both professionally and personally.” “The greatest value of the program is the bond that is created with other powerful women who can be both your personal and professional support team.”
  • “The value of networking and relationships with other women is priceless!”
  • “This program made me realize I am beautiful, unique, and have a lot to offer professionally. I am recognized for my efforts and proud to be who I am today.”
  • “I really think ALL women would benefit from this program!”
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