Extraordinary YOU

Your presence is your brand.

Leaders in the workplace often struggle with maximizing company success while remaining cognizant of their personal values and goals. Join Global Keynote Speaker & Inspirational Thought Leader, Holly Dowling, as she shares how attendees can tap into their own personal “magic” to stay true to their vision of the future. Using “The Three Pillars of Power,” attendees will learn to craft their personal vision, stand up for what they want and get better doing it! This will not only benefit attendees as individuals but also help them find their unique fit within their company.

Join Holly Dowling as she encourages attendees to focus on:

Clarity: ​Define your vision by honoring those qualities & strengths that have driven your success so far. Identify
obstacles in the way and ​STOP SHOULDING​ on yourself!

Grace:​ When faced with adversity & uncertainty, do you get bitter or better? You will uncover your better!

Courage:​ The ​Empower of NO ​! Stand up for what you stand for! Learn how to
create non-negotiables and set boundaries that drive work/life balance

This highly interactive development session will conclude with actionable takeaways that attendees can put into practice immediately following the session.

The Women of Meraki hosted an ‘Extraordinary You’ session with Holly for our Women of Cisco and Meraki communities. We loved Holly’s energy, and insights and really appreciated the tactical tips we could take away after the session to work on becoming our best professional and personal selves. It was a joy to work with Holly, her special guest and team as they shared their stories and life experiences. We had a lot of positive feedback from a 200+ person audience; we were blown away with the attendance and the engagement from attendees. Thank you!

- Helen Fream | Product Enablement, Cisco Networking Group

If you’re looking for someone to truly energize and inspire a room, look no further than Holly! Holly has that special energy that leaves people inspired and ready to make an impact.

- Executive Vice President | Fortune 50 Company

For more information on ​Awakening the Power Within & ​Holly Dowling’s additional offerings, please contact ​Kerri Neugebauer through the contact form here.