Not All Men Are Monsters

Not all men are monsters. Trust me when I say it is time to celebrate good men. We have all been hearing a lot about #metoo, and I have also been a #metoo. But at the end of the day, I feel it is time to celebrate the men out there that are not monsters—the men that are truly wanting to know what to do in these changing times. They care, they are champions, they are ambassadors of women, and there are a lot of men out there who stand up for integrity and class.

Not All Men are Monsters Holly Dowling

Guest Appearance – Women Worldwide Podcast

This year (and every year), how will you create the greatest possible impact in your career and in your life? Figuring out how to reach your maximum potential requires a great deal of passion and introspection. To get there, perhaps the best place to start is with a bit of motivational thinking.

Holly Dowling on Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge

Holly Dowling on The Women’s Eye Radio

A BRAND NEW interview with Holly Dowling, the author of Hollyisms. Let Your Light Shine! 50 Inspirations in 140 Characters or Less, on The Women’s Eye Radio with host Stacey Gualandi. This is the “Hollyism” that really spoke to me: “Life is not about work; rather your work should bring you life and brighten your life.”

Holly Dowling on The Women's Eye Radio

Holly Dowling featured on The Power House Podcast

I met Holly Dowling recently when we connected through Sonia Bueno de la Torre. It was clear from the get-go that Holly and I had a lot in common. Holly focuses on strength-based leadership and change management, now specializing in corporate women’s empowerment. She has consulted for major companies such as Facebook, IBM, Gap, Wells Fargo, and now is working with the United Nations and their Girl Up initiative.

The Power House Podcast featuring Holly Dowling

#AprilAppreciations: April 17, 2017

I want to kickoff this year’s #AprilAppreciations by appreciating all the incredible men in my life that have been there to encourage me, inspire me, & love me unconditionally, in every way, shape, or form! As many of you know, this last month I revealed a very dark time in my past, and I want to celebrate the men who have helped me believe in the goodness of men again.

#AprilAppreciations Holly Dowling 2017

Guest Holly Dowling on Dr. Nancy O’Reilly’s Podcast

No matter what culture they live in around the world, women want to know, most of all, that they are not alone. Holly’s mission is to share that message and why and how they can be true to themselves and live their passion. Universally, women look outside of themselves for permission to be who they are and go after their dreams. Holly sees many women break down in tears when they realize that they have been allowing the lack of permission to hold them back. They are liberated by the understanding and the epiphany that comes with knowing they have the power to choose. Holly urges women to see every day as the gift it is. When Holly considers her day, she asks, will this client give me joy?

Dr. Nancy O'Reilly Podcast