149 Courtney Phillips ~ “No matter what you are going through there is someone out there to help you.”

December 9, 2020

  • "Children don’t know that the other parent doesn’t know what is going on."
  • "Once you go down the healing path you start to learn what your triggers are."
  • "I feel like the biggest way to help others going through something is to be transparent about your own struggles."

"It doesn’t matter what you look like, we all have shared circumstances and shared feelings."
~ Courtney Phillips

From the Miss USA pageant to battling her own internal invisible wounds, my brilliantly beautiful and courageous guest, Courtney Phillips has transcended life altering challenges into her inspiring message for all. This angel on assignment and I met at the SHERO Foundation Gala this past February where we were both honored as SHERO ‘thrivers’ impacting the world in a positive way. As an exquisite pageant beauty, Courtney’s journey is veritably invisible to all who encounter her grace, but her story has impacted thousands of people. 

As a child, multiple deep rooted  life traumas enveloped Courtney’s young life. From losing her mother to cancer at the young age of seven to an emotionally and physically abusive step mother pummeling her self esteem, the pinnacle of Courtney’s childhood trauma was losing her father to cirrhosis of the liver. To Courtney, the abuse was unknowingly normal. “Children don’t know that the other parent doesn’t know what is going on.” What was normal to Courtney impacted the way she sees others internally for the rest of her life. Listen in as Courtney describes recent life changing events during this year of COVID-19 where it was the first time in her life she felt comfort and stability and then lost it all. 

As a thriver and advocate for mental health, Courtney is Miss Virginia for America 2020 and uses her platform to bring awareness worldwide. Her foundation, Hope For Invisible Wounds, brings awareness to substance abuse and mental health and provides resources for those suffering from trauma. Reaching over 6,000 people daily, Courtney hopes to bring more attention to mental anguish, and the critical relevance during the pandemic which has created a deep need. Listen in as we discuss our own personal coping experiences, and learn more about our stories in Notoriety Networks #SHEROProject Documentary; enter project code “SHERO” for a complimentary download.