02 Clint Salter – Inspiring Youth to Pursue the Arts

July 15, 2016

  • "I know the effect that the arts can have on anyone’s life."
  • "I think the creativity muscle that we can stretch, that we can exercise in our children by going to the arts, is going to help them to build resilience."
  • "Get your children connecting with other people in a live environment and nurture their creativity."

Today I’m talking to Clint Salter, an incredible and inspiring man, who is super passionate about the arts.

As a child, Clint participated in choir and dance, but was forced to quit because he was fed up with being bullied. Fast forward to today, Clint gets to nurture and carry that childhood passion into his business as a dance studio consultant.

Clint’s goal is to create successful spaces for people young and old to pursue the arts and specifically, dance. He is also a business mentor, speaker, and consultant.

Listen in as we talk about the damage bullying and social media can cause, the incredible power of the arts, and the importance of helping our children discover their true passions in life.