05 Halley McIlwain – Enriching Women’s Lives

July 22, 2016

  • "We have an opportunity where it makes sense to speak to women with a different vernacular, and it’s a lost opportunity."
  • "If I tell you something that I want to do, here’s something that’s a goal of mine, the minute I say that to you, I become accountable for it."
  • "If we could just let go of perfection and be comfortable with the rough idea of a thing… that is a million times better than doing nothing."

Today I’m introducing you to somebody I’ve had the privilege, honor, and blessing of partnering and working with over the last few years, Halley Mcllwain.

I have also established an amazing friendship with this incredible woman, who I believe is creating a huge change in the world.

Halley works with women to enrich their professional lives and help them create balance.

She also hosts refugees and people seeking political asylum.

She is a truly amazing woman, and I think you’re really going to enjoy her story.