06 Kim Skubris – Taking your First Step Forward

July 26, 2016

  • "I want you to plant your feet on the earth and I want you to take your first step forward in a new day."
  • "I went out on the road with a journalist and shadowed her all day and I saw how she put the stories together, I saw how she talked to people, I saw the power of pictures."
  • "If you’re in a really bad place just take that minimum goal first, just take that baby step, and then you’ll be ready for that massive success."

Today I’m talking to Kim Skubris, a successful television journalist for over 20 years.

Kim has seen, experienced and explored every kind of story imaginable, from celebrations to horrific tragedies.

She’s interviewed the everyday man to the heartthrob celebrity, and all kinds of people in between.

Kim shares her amazing story of pursuing her dream career, leaving a painful marriage, and then retiring from journalism to share her story with the world.

Listen in as she talks about the importance of sharing the stories of ordinary people, and how you too can change lives by sharing yours.