07 Dr. Natalie Phillips – On a Mission to Better the World

July 28, 2016

  • "I always say, ‘I am going to do it because I WANT to do it.’"
  • "If I see an opportunity, if I see a way that I might be able to fill that hole, where I can just reach one more person, then I feel like my life has been worth it."
  • "I’m never going to give up because if I do, what I want to do for other people is never going to happen."

Today I’m blessed to be talking with a truly inspirational woman and dear friend, Dr. Natalie Phillips.

I met Natalie at an event for Empowering Women By 2020, an amazing organization that we are both involved in.

Natalie is on a mission to change the world! Last year Natalie connected with Operation Change, and from there her journey has been life changing.

On these missions she helps thousands of people in the recovery of their hearing, or improving their hearing.

Listen in as we talk about her journey to discovering her passion for these hearing missions, and how she stares down adversity.