08 Monique Coleman – Allowing the Universe to Bless You

August 2, 2016

  • "I no longer want to accept just enough or not enough."
  • "The crack in my foundation was that I was covering up my insecurities with success."
  • "When you let go and you surrender, when you are blessed, it is more than what you would have been able to do if you would have taken the steps to get there."

Today I’m talking to Monique Coleman, who most of you probably know as Taylor McKessie in the Disney’s High School Musical franchise.

Her most important role, however, came in 2010 when she was appointed the first ever United Nations Youth Champion for the International Year of Youth.

Mo works incredibly hard to balance her acting career and her passion for creating positive change in the world.

She is an angel that has been put on this earth to do amazing things.