09 Jena Rodriguez – Get Your Brave On Today

August 4, 2016

  • "The more I stand up for me and the more I put my brave on, it gives permission for someone else to do it for themselves."
  • "I’m super passionate about helping people get their brave on, and to connect to who they really are and express it fully."
  • "There is no limitation except for the ones you put on yourself."

How important is it to you to be brave in life?

Today I’m talking to someone who really takes bravery to the next level, in both her business and her personal life.

Jena Rodriguez is the woman behind Brand with Jena, a business in which she passionately helps entrepreneurs find their voice and discover their brand.

Jena is sharing her incredible and inspiring story about bravery: her personal discovery, how she used her bravery to give her mother permission to be brave, and how she hopes to inspire her children to get their Brave On!