100 Chef Alina Z. ~ Take your passion and make it happen

December 6, 2018

  • "Things will start happening for you when you start to take action."
  • "The point is that even though when I was told no, I thought, ‘Is there another way?’"
  • "We live in a miracle every day and when you have the realization that you live in a miracle you virtually live in a different dimension."

A SENSATIONAL story of rags to riches to rags and back again is served with a side of JOY emanating throughout our conversation with amazing Chef Alina Z, celebrity chef and celebrated author. Chef Alina Z will inspire you with her candor and vigor for life’s challenges!

Born into poverty in Russia, Alina’s childhood was laden with survival skills which developed her strong character and zest for life. At a young age, she witnessed the tenacity of her parents going from barely being able to put food on the table to starting a business that thrived! “We had helicopters and butlers and anything we wanted.” But at the age of 15, Alina knew she was meant for more and set out BY HERSELF to discover her life’s purpose in America. After her schooling in America, listen in as Alina describes how her parent’s influence taught her how to overcome major struggles.

Clearly, as a child coming to America alone at such a young age, Alina is a force to be reckoned with when if comes to overcoming and surviving fears. Her resolve has always been to constantly keep moving through her fears and onto the next level of life. But after years of the constant movement, Alina stopped to take a breath and discover the “what next” in her life. “Sometimes the door shuts and sometimes there is no answer and it is a dead end; but just because you spend time going down that road, it does not mean you didn’t enjoy the journey!” With some of my own fears revealed, listen in as Alina describes how her fears transcended into the next chapter of her life with phenomenal success as an award-winning health coach, nutritionist, author and private celebrity chef to billionaires, pro athletes and movie stars as well the creator of the #1 Best Diet! “My mission in life has been to teach people how to make food that tastes great and is good for them and doesn’t take much time.” ~ Chef Alina Z.