101 Jo Ann Bauer ~ The point of power is the present

December 12, 2018

  • "I still had not nurtured that little girl inside who had not been heard."
  • "I heard a voice that said, you have to trust with nothing."
  • "I wasn’t speaking my truth, I wasn’t living my best life and it had to get to a point where it was all taken away for me to move forward."

"Because I had built my identity on what I did and what I had, I had to risk it all to find out who I was."
~ Jo Ann Bauer

The epitome of taking it to the limit, Jo Ann Bauer redefines, retires and rewires her life from start to finish! From broadcast journalist to online coach and storyteller, Jo Ann culminates her communication talents as a successful realtor on top of it all! Through a series of traumatic pitfalls fueled by toxic relationships, my candid conversation with Jo Ann will take you from laughter to tears in a heartbeat!

In her time as a broadcast journalist, Jo Ann covered the hard-hitting news stories that make us cringe, including the worst news story in her career, covering 911. “When you are in that environment you turn everything off; you are just a machine working.” Jo Ann had always thrived on telling the stories of someone else, except with this time covering 911, Jo Ann found herself on the opposite end of the storytelling spectrum. Listen in as Jo Ann describes the painful, heart-wrenching moment that flipped her broadcast career from something that fed her soul into something that ate away at her soul.

“Because I had built my identity on what I did and what I had, I had to risk it all to find out who I was.” Jo Ann had built a career from her ability to connect with people on a level that allowed her “true self” to absorb the emotion in every story. Absorbing other’s emotion took its toll on JoAnn’s mind, body, and soul. Her own story had yet to be transcribed as a terrible illness fell upon her, her marriage fell apart and the remainder of her life crumbled. A final cry for help and serendipitous moment led Jo Ann to find her soul’s highest calling and truly define this victim into a victor!