102 Simone Sequeira ~ It’s not who I am but it definitely shaped me

December 20, 2018

  • "I found I was propelled into an adult emotional arena years too soon."
  • "It’s just so rare that someone walks into your life and says, 'Here, I’ll help you."
  • "My heart remained open even though I had a lot of dark times and that allowed me to be open to the guidance."

"I need to have a sensory piece in my life every day; it is an essential part for myself to stay grounded and to be my creative self."
~ Simone Sequeira

Leading the pack in the female winemaking industry, Simone Sequeira, successful La Follette Winemaker, has an adventurous spirit and tenacity for purpose that will light up your world! Simone is a poster child for adversity and proves that if you have a passion for a gift, the universe will open up and create serendipitous opportunities for you. Wait until you hear how we met!

As a creative child, Simone thrived in a loving home with parents who encouraged her expressive nature to flourish. However, at a young impressionable age, Simone’s “triangle of closeness” was shattered and she was propelled into an emotional arena a young girl is not ready for. Nearly a decade and a half later, Simone was still struggling when she encountered one of two very important people in her life. Simone describes the kindness of a stranger who turned her life around by helping her heal her mind, body and spirit. Listen in as Simone and I unravel the meaning behind these two important people in her life and the role they played in her journey.

Today as a successful La Follette Winemaker, Simone is living her purpose and has a message for everyone who struggles with finding their turning point with depression, a health crisis which is a mission on my heart and I am passionate about helping.  Listen in as Simone and I discuss her daily rituals that help her focus, including mushroom hunting! Plus a very special invitation from Simone at the end!