108 ~ Mike Robbins “It takes courage in life to show up and be ourselves.”

March 27, 2019

  • "Sometimes we focus so much on where we are headed, we forget to appreciate where we are."
  • "Everyone has that painful life transition; the challenges that show up in life are opportunities for you to grow, learn and deepen who you are."
  • "We don’t realize the impact we have on other human beings."
  • "Trust in life and that part of life that is bigger than us"

"It takes courage in life to show up and be ourselves."
~ Mike Robbins

Get ready for my very dear and longtime friend who I am honored to have shared the stage with over the years! Mike Robbins, renowned author, consultant and leadership speaker is truly a gift to us all and  I am always in awe of his amazing spirit and transparent soul! Whether he is speaking in front of thousands or sitting right next to you, Mike is divinely authentic to the core. And, our conversation today is loaded with fantastic “take it to your life” nuggets that will impact your world!

A natural born baseball player, Mike envisioned a life playing in the major leagues. His childhood, college career, and his early adult life were defined by baseball. With his very identity vested in baseball, a tragedy that crushed the very beginning of his career happened to be fate stepping in to nudge Mike into finding his highest calling.  “In human nature, we tend to focus so much on what’s next, what is the next goal, what is the next milestone.” Listen in as Mike candidly describes his reaction to the ONE question from a close friend regarding the loss of his baseball career that changed the trajectory of his life.

Impactful yet compassionate, Mike dives into some of the top exercises he delivers to top executives and influencers. Plus, listen to a pivotal moment for Mike when he learned a little known fact about famed baseball player Willie Mays that almost kept him out of the game!