109 ~ Sarah Merkle “Enjoy more moments!”

April 11, 2019

  • "How do we make and teach new behaviors that stick?"
  • "Even if you are a spontaneous person, there is still a human need for routine."
  • "Just live your life and then all the doors will open up."
  • "Self love is something that is not really taught."

"There are so many new things leaders are saying and doing to build a winning culture but at the same time caring about individuals."
~ Sarah Merkle

Get ready to transcend your state of mind! My amazing guest today is a gift to our world, personally AND professionally! Sarah Merkle, founder and creator of Zen4, transforms the corporate wellness arena into real-world experiences. Have you spent the last hour staring at a computer screen? STOP and LISTEN to Sarah’s poignant tips on making it through your day!

Formerly a nutritionist, HR guru, and fitness & health professional, Sarah compiled all the talents surrounding these professions and honed in on a valuable need in society… self! A self-proclaimed perfectionist all of her life, Sarah’s “aha” moment occurred after she achieved an attainable goal and still found herself deeply unsatisfied. “Okay so it’s not really about what you look like on the outside, it’s how you feel about it on the inside.” Listen in as Sarah describes a pivotal moment catapulting her professional world into a fulfilled need for many!

Experience more moments, more happiness and strive for abundance! In addition to contributing to corporate awareness, Sarah discusses a real approach to bringing wellness into your daily life and propelling your professional life to the next level!

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