111 Nacho Arenas ~ “Sometimes you start the healing with giving.”

May 10, 2019

  • "I think there is a wealth and a richness in each one of us."
  • "We hide by taking care of other things and other people."
  • "Humility is key and how you get back up is what matters."

"If you can help someone without taking away from your family, help them!"
~ Nacho Arenas

Get ready for blockbuster movie sensation “ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW,” written by and starring my talented brother, David and produced by my amazing guest today, Nacho Arenas! Nacho, a master of filmmaking artistry and one of my dearest friends, shares his life long passion and tremendous journey revealing “the how” behind bringing us stories of hope and inspiration.

From the humblest of beginnings, Nacho was born in Paris and was raised by a doting mother and a strict, extremely disciplined father. “Sometimes what is a virtue is a flaw.” Nacho’s unstable upbringing merely fueled his fascination with film. At age 17, he discounted his father’s disparaging words and worked vigilantly as a bell boy at the Ritz Hotel to save enough money to attend college in America at Jacksonville University, Florida.

But it was at the Ritz Hotel where Nacho truly connected with his inner humility, his grace, his generosity toward others. “If you can help someone without taking away from your family, help them!” Nacho’s candor and kindness toward those of common means was of equal character to his encounters with celebrities including Woody Allen, Sylvester Stallone, Henry Kissinger, Malcolm Forbes, Versace and Keith Herring. Listen in as Nacho describes how he became Madonna’s VIP and through his innate generosity, did not think twice about sharing his experience with a special couple!

Showcasing his talents in his latest work of art, Nacho’s filmmaking genius unravels in “All Creatures Here Below”, Opening May 17th, starring my brother David Dastmalchian. Catch the trailer now on Itunes!