112 Rebecca Reeves ~ “Own your power within you!”

May 24, 2019

  • "Everything started to manifest as to what I was saying to myself."
  • "I asked everyone what they learned from this and in that moment was when I realized I was not alone."
  • "I want to help others realize who they really are and live the beautiful life they were meant to live."
  • "When you celebrate your little wins and victories, you keep that momentum going to make more good things happen."

"I prayed for God to take my life and then I had a glimpse from heaven which had me begging God to save my life!"
~ Rebecca Reeves

Profound life-altering words from my amazing guest today, Rebecca Reeves, and honored to be her first podcast interview! Rebecca is a life coach extraordinaire and reveals her courage and resilience with a zest for life helping others. In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Rebecca shares her personal struggle with this illness and bravely discusses the story behind launching her “Warriors of your mind” movement.

As a child, Rebecca battled depression and struggled to fit in and in her teen years, the demons battling thoughts of suicide became worse.  “I felt like I was alone and everything started to manifest as to what I was telling myself.” The most frightening turning point came when Rebecca attempted to take her life, but it was a nudge from above that shifted her desire to commit suicide; find out what amazing transformation occurred to make Rebecca begin begging for her life.

Rebecca knew there were many factors of her life that needed to shift in order for her to begin living her best life. It was after a traumatic family loss and a question she asked of her entire family that provided that internal shift Rebecca needed. Rebecca has had so much resiliency in her life but has always recognized her mantra to “Own your power within you.” May is Mental Health Awareness month and Rebecca is God’s blessing for bringing awareness and light to the darkest days of those suffering.