115 Jeff Kubiak ~ “Be patient with every person you meet.”

July 3, 2019

  • "Not one child gets left behind in my world."
  • "One drop of kindness really can save someone’s life."
  • "I believe strongly in student voice and choice."

"Be Patient with every person you meet because if you don’t understand what they are about or where they have been we won’t be fair to their heart."
~ Jeff Kubiak

How does a world class Olympian status swimmer become an elementary school principal with a best selling book? A ripple effect of serendipitous moments are so evident with my amazing guest Jeff Kubiak, who is the extraordinary author of “One Drop Of Kindness” and principal at Nelda Mundy Elementary School in Fairfield, CA. Jeff’s story transcending the despair of hatred into writing a book about kindness will move you to the core!

As a child, Jeff grew up with an angry father and school was a struggle in every way. Jeff found his sanctuary in competitive swimming and poured his anger out in the wake of his speed and agility. While Jeff’s experience as a student was ambiguous and even violent in some circumstances, it was one person who stepped in and swept Jeff into the world of kindness and understanding. Listen in as Jeff describes how this person led him on a different path impacting the rest of his life.

Jeff’s swimming launched him into Olympian world class status which provided a discerning lens for character. Knowing first hand what it takes to fail, struggle and win, Jeff brings real world experiences to his students by increasing opportunities for them to be heard, noticed, celebrated, challenged and safe. “I believe strongly in student voice and choice.” Jeff’s conviction for his students’ experience led to his best selling book, “One Drop Of Kindness.” Find out who the main character is based on and why!

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