117 Rob Spessard ~ “Look at every challenge as a gift and an opportunity.”

August 1, 2019

Get ready to hear a C Suite Leader’s secret sauce to grand success in building multiple companies! Making a massive impact on my life and the lives he touches, Rob Spessard is brilliance and humility wonderfully combined. Walking the talk as an epitome of an extraordinary leader, Rob Spessard shares the secret sauce on creating an optimum company culture and more!

Virtually ingrained in Rob since childhood, his father’s influence about people and perception was profound. The words from Rob’s father he carries with him, “Good guys finish first, it just takes a little longer, and don’t take the short-cut because karma will get you when you do!” As a young man entering the workforce out of college, Rob’s tenacity for success was ferocious and soon found out that his “ego was not his amigo.” Listen in as Rob describes a life lesson that catapulted his career into vast levels of success.

As a professional who has grown companies to exponential excellence, Rob breaks down the “why” behind the ripple effect company culture has on every element of success. Valuable nuggets of wisdom that will surround your workday with new insight, and the knowledge to make it even better!