119 Laurel Rutledge ~ “If you want to run, fine, but run towards something.”

August 22, 2019

  • "I did all the things I was supposed to do but was really denying the things that were inherently me."
  • "From my perspective, it’s all about perspective."
  • "I would not be able to do what I do now had I not had every single experience."

"Moving felt better than staying but if you are going to move, move toward something to keep growing."
~ Laurel Rutledge

Have you ever encountered someone so radiant that you just had to walk across the room and introduce yourself? Get ready for a brilliant ray of sunshine from my amazing guest today Laurel Rutledge, who is changing the world through one human experience at a time. As a former high level, C-Suite HR executive, Laurel leaped out of fear and into faith by taking on her highest calling!

Laurel grew up with family values grounded in diverse thoughts and the lessons instilled upon her about work was, “If you have a good name, you have everything.” Anxious to take her values and work ethic onto college, Laurel was blindsided at a known “prestigious” university and subsequently left that school with a massive chip on her shoulder. “I was not where I was supposed to be.” Listen in as Laurel describes a humbling time in her life and the ONE person who changed the trajectory of her journey. 

We all live in the fear of, “I’m tired, what’s next?” Listen in to our riveting conversation as Laurel describes the moment she stopped “shoulding” on herself and stepped into a role that was inherently a nudge from above!