120 Linus Akanoh ~ “Don’t be afraid to let go of who you are to become who you should be.”

September 5, 2019

  • "That is the essence of true diversity when each and every one of us brings our own special gifts."
  • "Sometimes it might seem that you are carrying an unfair amount of burden but it is worth it if we can help everyone achieve their fullest potential."

"I just want people to feel that by working for me or being around me they are better people as a result."
~ Linus Akanoh

A rare and beautiful gift from my amazing guest today who provides an extraordinary nod of appreciation and affirmation to my mission! As my angel on assignment, Linus Akanoh’s spirit of love and life exudes the epitome of what a servant leader represents. As a global leader in a top Fortune 100 firm,  our thought provoking interview will have you re-listening to the show today again and again!

Influenced by childhood events, Linus carries nuggets of wisdom like badges of honor. His most memorable lesson was at the young age of  four when his Grandfather placed him upon his bed, right before he passed on, and bestowed a great gift of knowledge. Listen in as Linus describes these impactful words from his Grandfather.

From childhood lessons to a recent gut wrenching time in his life, Linus describes a major influence who helped him discover, “I can and should make deliberate choices on how I spend my time.” Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself today is to capture a glimpse of Linus Akanoh’s perspective and listen to the profound component of his world that drives his motivation every day!