121 Chef Amber Caudle ~ “Let go of all the chatter”

September 13, 2019

  • "I get to actually see a difference in people’s bodies and minds."
  • "Food is medicine; it just has to be presented in a fun approachable way."
  • "Deep down in my soul I knew this was my path, my purpose."

"I am passionate about making people healthy through one meal at a time."
~ Chef Amber Caudle

Get ready for a mix of brilliance combined with a beautiful blend of spirit! Hear how well known FIVE star executive chef, Chef Amber Caudle, goes from health crisis to health sexy to find her purpose and make her passion a reality! 

Owner of The Source Cafe in Hermosa, CA, Chef Amber’s desire to become a chef was inspired by her own health crisis as a child, but it was a high school play that inspired her sheer will to succeed. “That was my first boost of confidence that gave me a lot of power and drive.” Listen in as Chef Amber describes the challenge of learning to chef in college and the willpower she drew upon to not quit every day.

While her younger days formed her unstoppable character, it was a life altering surgery as an adult  that lead to fulfilling her dream. Drawing on her vast cooking experience, Chef Amber discovered creative suggestions for using food to fuel and heal the body. Her wholesome yet delicious culinary delights are world renown for the fun approachable methods that appeal to the most discernible palate, all while healing bodies and minds through the power of food. “I like to do sneaky cooking.” Chef Amber shares the secret recipe that not only put her on her own path to wellness but inspired her famous cafe, The Source Cafe, where Chef Amber has found her passion, “Making people healthy one meal at a time!”