122 Brad Barton ~ “We spend our lives mostly good enough at what we are good at.”

October 2, 2019

  • "He said I think it’s time to go do something that we’ve never done."
  • "It felt like if I breathed enough breathes than time would go by and it would be over."
  • "It is never going to look like you expect it to but it is going to work out. "

"The whole time I was preaching this doctrine that the happiest times in our lives is when we are growing, not when we arrived."
~ Brad Barton

Shattering world records and achieving mind blowing historic accolades, my amazing guest, Brad Barton, is perhaps one of the most resilient, accomplished individuals I have the honor of knowing! Truly an angel on assignment, Brad may be known for conquering track and field records, but his journey toward living his passion might just inspire you to take your own next step!

Raised in the heartland under tumultuous circumstances with an alcoholic father, Brad’s doubts and fears as a child were fostered well into his teens until a life changing individual catapulted him into a journey for the history books. “Champions have been born and unmade; we are going to make you, you again.” As an All American Track Star in his youth, Brad was headed toward super stardom. Listen in as Brad describes a life altering event that propelled him onto a different path.

As Brad trained and dominated events, his gift to the world was to run, however, ironically enough, he found himself at a point in his personal life where he could not even catch his breath. “It felt like if I breathed enough breathes than time would go by and it would be over and I thought no one could hurt this bad and still be alive.” Resilience found Brad once again and he went from resetting his own defaults to triggering default world records! Listen in as Brad describes his tremendous gift for resilience and the epitome of unbreakable human spirit.