124 Stephanie Dalfonzo ~ “I bring the calm.”

October 23, 2019

  • "If you really want to open up to the possibilities, learn about the power of the brain and how perception can truly change and affect lives."
  • "Until we can do the healing work and change it to another channel, that is what is going to always hold us back."
  • "When we work with the subconscious mind we find the root cause of what is going to set a person free and that will allow them to live the life of their dreams."

Get ready for life changing and mind altering nuggets of wisdom! Fascinating and energetic, my amazing guest today, Stephanie Dalfonzo, had dazzled the world as a celebrity radio DJ and has now found her own dazzling journey by living her life serving others in a miraculous way!  A practicing integrative hypnotist releasing hundreds of people from a lifetime of fears, Stephanie shares valuable scientifically based and practiced insight into the power of the human mind.

From a childhood of challenging circumstances surrounding her parents, Stephanie discovered her greatest clarity at the young age of 14, which set her on exceedingly high life expectations. As an adult, Stephanie once again listened to her “nudge from above” when her husband became ill. With two small children and a desperate need to overcome her own anxieties out of necessity, Stephanie intuitively followed her new path into hypnosis. “The first day of that training the heavens opened up to me because you can make such a profound change in someone’s life.” 

Massively gifted, Stephanie “brings the calm” to many, including a woman who has overcome her fear of heights and has now traveled 7 continents! Stephanie is a speaker, coach and author of “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom” which for every copy sold, Stephanie donates to a school or organization in order to bring awareness to childhood anxiety. Listen in as Stephanie describes simple yet powerful action steps to empower your day!