126 Angela Mannella-Hoffman ~ “Do not be afraid to be special.”

November 21, 2019

  • "In that moment I knew God would always be with me, even if other people would not."
  • "When we open ourselves up to receive blessings, so much more comes to us."
  • "I knew that I needed to allow other people to see how fantastic just as they are."

"Do not be afraid to be special."
~ Angela Mannella-Hoffman

Glowing and blessed with God’s giving spirit, my guest today is the epitome of an Angel On Assignment!  Brilliant Angela Mannella-Hoffman, is a gifted soul spreading the joy of dance at her studio in Fridley, MN, called Moore Than Dance. Meeting Angela while speaking at the Dance Studio Owners Association lit up my heart and her passion today will inspire yours too!

Growing up the youngest of nine children under her parents tumultuous issues, Angela found herself the “entertainer” of the family, creating a distraction and world of her own to escape to, but in turn, generating many holes within herself. Listen in as Angela describes a devastating discovery at the age of 16 and how it changed her perception of life. 

Angela continued to dance professionally all her life, including dancing  in Super Bowl halftime shows and on stage with a mega rock star icon. But after all her dance successes, Angela was inspired to work with special needs students when she discovered there were very few studios dedicated to teaching them. Working around her student’s challenges was not difficult because “The only muscle that needs to work is your heart” Angela compassionately states. From popular commercials and major dance stages, Angela’s most blessed moments come from her students, including one of the most moving moments of her life at a dance competition that will bring you to tears!