127 Heather Burgett ~ “I’m getting more and more comfortable outside of my comfort zone.”

December 13, 2019

  • "Not being from those worlds, I’ve always been able to dance in those worlds."
  • "Sometimes it is just the little adjustments we can make that can make a huge difference."
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"I really had to take my own medicine since I am a walking billboard for what I do."
~ Heather Burgett

Shining as bright as the star in the name of her business, my amazing guest Heather Burgett, brilliantly helps people find their gifts and make them visible to the world! CEO and founder of The Burgett Group and PR Stars, Heather has represented Grammy and Oscar winners, billionaires, celebrities, consultants, experts, philanthropists, rock stars and top brands and now shares her lifetime lessons that have helped her help her clients bring themselves or their brand into the next stratosphere of success!

When we reveal we heal …Heather just recently opened up on her podcast, The Shine Strategy,  about her lifetime journey which was largely defined by her father. As a child, Heather witnessed the brilliance of her father’s entrepreneurship but also experienced the downfalls of his alcoholism. And while the spirit of entrepreneurship lives on within Heather, the difficult lessons as a child of an alcoholic, as well as the challenges growing up in a wealthy area but not sharing the same status, created a dynamic within Heather, “Not being from those worlds, I’ve always been able to dance in those worlds.” 

As Heather grows her business now into the speaking circuit, she reflects fondly on some of her most proudest moments in her PR world which include helping a certain President’s mother as well as how she shared her brilliance with me! Listen in as we discuss how Heather guided my team to take my business to the next level and simple steps you can start doing with your business today!