129 Holly Dowling ~ “The seven days that made my soul.”

January 16, 2020

  • "It was on that day I thought I just didn’t want to live."
  • "The Grace of God got me through."

"I know what it’s like to have it all and I know what it’s like to loose it all."
~ Holly Dowling

A Holly Dowling exclusive today on A Celebration of YOU! As we enter a new decade I have a deeply personal message to share surrounding a pivotal week in my life, so pivotal that I KNOW it changed my soul. 

Listen in to hear what you don’t know about me. The most depleting, defeating and demoralizing time in my life that I perceived as the pit of my life, the black cloud that overshadowed everything and then I went from grit to grace. “It was within that crap that my resilience turned to grit.”

And what you don’t know about me might strike a chord within your own life, and, with that awareness I have to ask, are you grateful? Become better, not bitter! What brings you joy this New Year? Do not go into this year with another list of resolutions ….just BELIEVE and take this challenge!

Honored to be recognized as a SHERO. Listen in for more details!