130 Heidi Olson ~ “You CAN protect your kids.”

January 19, 2020

  • "There is a false sense of safety held by many due to the perceptions and stereotypes of trafficking that are not at all accurate."
  • "You would never know the people who are engaging in these activities. Our perception has to shift."
  • "A lot of parents today do not realize how extremely violent and graphic pornography is today. This is how kids are learning about sex and acting out on others."

"I asked myself, ‘How do we recognize these victims and how do we make connections in our city?’"
~ Heidi Olson

Brace yourself for a show with explosive, life altering information! January is Child Sex Trafficking Awareness month and my amazing guest today is truly an angel on assignment; Heidi Olson, is the Program Manager at Children’s Mercy Hospital, moreover, Heidi is becoming globally recognized for her work as a child sexual assault examiner and speaks about recognizing human sex trafficking, child on child sexual assault, and sexual violence trends. Heidi and I met under powerful circumstances when I spoke at the International Summit to End Child Exploitation and the inertia of the summit has personally changed my life forever. Our discussion today reveals disturbing stats, but most importantly, Heidi’s valuable insight into a dark world many are oblivious to.

Heidi began her career as a nurse in pediatrics, but was always willing to say yes as doors opened and she finally found the exact mix of her passion and career as the Program Manager at Mercy. However, with any new position there can be challenges. Heidi found herself at a crossroads where there were no protocols on how to deal with exploited children and a complete disconnect on who to contact in the community to find help. Listen in as Heidi describes circumstances surrounding this life altering program. 

“There is a false sense of safety held by many due to the perceptions and stereotypes of trafficking that are not at all accurate.” Heidi delves deep into hard statistics on what EXACTLY sex trafficking means. Here’s the crux…it’s not what most people think. What are the signs you should look for in your child, your niece or nephew, your neighbor? 

Heidi joins me as a contributor of the newly formed global council Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team (AICET) founded by Charlene Doak-Gebauer. The council is comprised of expert speakers working on behalf of Internet child safety.