134 Tonya Thomas ~ “Enjoy the season you are in right now.”

February 27, 2020

  • "It didn’t really take off like I thought it would so I had to go back to work which was a devastating blow to me. "
  • "In speaking with entrepreneurs they had their hands in everything and not doing what they do best."
  • "You need to have that person in your corner to encourage you."

"It impacted me in a way that made me think I couldn’t do things because he wasn’t there."
~ Tonya Thomas

A powerful force in the virtual entrepreneurship arena, my amazing guest today, Tonya Thomas, is founder and owner of Team Delegate which has pioneered the virtual assistant world. Her passion to help entrepreneurs and business owners remove themselves from administrative overwhelm  has led her to notoriety in Black Enterprise Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc Magazine. But her story had challenges set a long time ago. 

As a child, Tonya’s father died when she was only eight years old and the emotional impact followed her for years. “It impacted me in a way that made me think I couldn’t do things because he wasn’t there.”  Finding solace as an adult, Tonya unearthed the trait instilled upon her by her father to never give up which strongly influenced her entrepreneurship journey. Listen in as Tonya describes the moment she almost gave up and what she did to move forward. 

The inception of Tonya’s business began at a time when the need for virtual assistants was not well known. Literally based on the concept, “time is money,”  listen in as Tonya describes her personal dilemmas that gave rise to a company that has become a leading source for businesses seeking Virtual Assistants.