135 Margy Feldhuhn ~ “Calm down and trust that things are unfolding for you.”

March 5, 2020

  • "Until there were shows about ‘hoarding,’ I didn’t know it had a name; I just knew something was not right with the house."
  • "Helping them clean the house was one of the first things in my life I decided to do outside of myself."
  • "It was everything I needed to learn to become a successful entrepreneur."

"Have faith that when things are unfolding and stuff that seems like it is taking you off course, it is just your path."
~ Margy Feldhuhn

SHOCKING behind the scenes growing up in the world of hoarders. My incredible guest today, Margy Feldhuhn, co-owner of InterviewConnections, discusses her childhood and how she came full circle with her journey and established a seven figure business!

Growing up an only child of parents who were attorney’s in an affluent community, Margy’s life from looking outside her home seemed charmed. But inside, the turmoil of living with parents of mental illness and hoarding shaped a young mind into a fierce resilient woman. Margy was constantly coming up with excuses to protect her parents in an effort to keep people out of her home. “Until there were shows about ‘hoarding,’ I didn’t know it had a name; I just knew something was not right with the house.” As an adult, Margy moved to Taiwan but vowed to come back and help her parents purge the house. But, just as she was returning home, her vision to help her parents was shattered with life altering news. Listen in as Margy describes a major pivot in her life.

After all the turmoil, today we celebrate Margy and her amazing InterviewConnections partner Jessica Rhodes for leading the industry in the podcast guesting industry.  Margy’s experience clearing her parent’s house brought out the “better side” of her and provided a solid foundation for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Margy describes how the truly difficult journey surrounding being a child of parents with mental illness catapulted her into one of the best paths of her life!