136 Samantha Whirley ~ “Your trauma is your gift to the world.”

March 12, 2020

  • "What’s important is - me, myself & I; I spent so much time caring about what other people thought."
  • "He came here to create change and take my healing with him."
  • "The energy you put out into the world is the karma you will get back."

"If I could have stopped living in the past I would have realized I was luckiest woman in the world."
~ Samantha Whirley

This show WILL ROCK your world! First time ever, the unexplained and unexpected incidents within the interview were clearly compromised by a spirit! Major goosies here with my guest who has captured my heart. Samantha Whirley, founder of the Music2Live Foundation, is not only living, surviving, and thriving but she is the epitome of why I do this show!

Pivotal moments for Samantha started very young. At age five she recalls the trauma of her mentally ill mother spilling over into her impressionable world. “My mom was a very broken woman.” Samantha goes on to describe thoughts of taking her own life but attributes a Mr. Rogers episode to saving her. “Whatever Mr. Rogers was talking about that day was exactly what I needed to hear.” The severity of growing up with so much dysfunction led to the attraction of abusive relationships as an adult. Listen in as Samantha describes her struggles with codependency, mental illness, and suicidal intentions.

After multiple traumatic incidents, including a near death experience after hitting a semi tractor trailer, Samantha’s true light of life pulled through by way of her son Jacob. In life Jacob was Samantha’s strongest champion, but in death, Jacob’s spirit took on a whole new meaning for her. After Jacob’s suicide, Samantha describes following Jacob’s dying wish with a series of bewildering coincidental events which lead to her encounter with rapper G-Easy, and in turn, how Music2Live came into the light!

Special note ~ pay close attention as you listen you will hear a constant spiritual background noise that has never happened in any of my shows!!