137 Kathy Haan ~ “Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.”

March 26, 2020

  • "When you have trauma in your life, sometimes those thoughts are not rational; especially when it comes to ownership of your body."
  • "I don’t say my accolades to impress people, I say them to impress upon people that I legitimately shouldn’t be here."
  • "Don’t be afraid to share the ugly ‘bits’ because you will be shocked by whose life you can transform."

"I am a firm believer in creating a life by design rather than a life by default. Complacency will keep you stuck."
~ Kathy Haan

Get ready for a monumental, heart wrenching, gut twisting, mouth dropping SHERO story from my amazing guest Kathy Haan! I had the privilege of meeting this magnificent woman when we were both honored at the SHERO Foundation Gala Event this past February and her brilliant, vivacious spirit radiates throughout our conversation today with one of the most endearing interviews I have ever had!

As a child, Kathy always felt a little out of place, but through no fault of her own. Her tumultuous childhood was surrounded by abuse and sexual assault and was further exacerbated by her step father kicking her out at the very young impressionable age of fourteen. Kathy moved in with her biological father, who was disabled, which further amplified the fracture in Kathy’s life. “I kind of felt like there were two sides of me. As a child who was abused, I used my body as a teenager to numb myself.” Listen in as Kathy describes her struggle with bulimia, codependent relationships, and drug abuse that led her to what she thought was a web series opportunity in Washington DC; but resulted in unspeakable acts Kathy endured to escape.

Kathy’s life spiraled out further when she returned to Iowa and married an abusive man. “I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in an abusive marriage’ because when you are in it you don’t recognize what it is and you make excuses.” In what she thought was the only way out, Kathy attempted suicide. Listen in as Kathy describes what shook her back into reality and had her pleading to God to fight for her life.

With her second chance, second husband, and new outlook on her life purpose, Kathy is a force of nature. From her successful travel blog idyllicpursuit.com journeying into the depths of all walks of life, to sharing the very best of herself empowering other women as a business mentor, speaker, author, and coach, Kathy’s story today will grip your heart and warm your soul. A true survivor of domestic abuse and trafficking, listen to the shocking twists and turns discussed at the end of the show where Kathy describes thriving with unexpected miracles!