138 Eileen Robertson Hamra ~ “I knew I was being guided.”

April 9, 2020

  • "I just got really curious during my healing."
  • "I had no idea I was going to love him that much. It was tragic and beautiful."

"My father’s advice was one of the best that carried me through. He said, ‘Eileen you just have to be where you are right now and take it day by day."
~ Eileen Robertson Hamra

Divinely inspired by our “miracles in the mess,” my amazing guest Eileen Robertson Hamra will capture your heart, fill you with hope, and make you believe. On the other side of tragedy, find out the miracles Eileen discovered and in turn, teaches others to tap into their own inner resilience.

In 2011,with just three days before Christmas and three young children, the unthinkable happened. Eileen’s husband Brian was flying a private plane to rendezvous with his family, but sadly never made it. His plane crashed and Brian was killed. From the moment Brian died, miraculous coincidences surrounded Eileen including a random act of kindness from someone who was also in the air that tragic day, to the prophetic words of their wedding song transcending time and performed at his funeral. “It was so obvious something was going on.” Listen in as Eileen describes navigating her own grief alongside her children’s sorrow and how she was uplifted by unexplained miracles that happened over and over.

As the life Eileen envisioned slipped away, it was the constant nudges, the obvious signs, and divine intervention which opened Eileen’s eyes to her new journey. Listen in to the astounding turn of events which not only allowed Eileen to find happiness again but to find love. Her book “A Time To Fly – Life & Love After Loss” coming out  April 22, is a culmination of her miraculous  journey … so far.  

At the time of this interview, the world is in crisis with COVID-19. We are all at the beginning of a different type of grief; most everything we have ever known we could count on has changed. I hope this podcast brings you comfort and hope knowing that Eileen found miracles at every turn and was truly guided at the lowest time of her life.