139 Cara Brookins ~ “You have everything inside of you to build something bigger.”

April 23, 2020

  • "I wanted a home that was a safe place to build my children's confidence."
  • "My children made the decision everyday to show up even though it looked impossible."
  • "It was a way of taking control of our lives but that looks different for everyone."

"There is a lot to be said for falling so low, you become so determined to make your life better."
~ Cara Brookins

Awestruck by my amazing guest’s miracle in the mess! From a domestic violence survivor to fearless thriver, Cara Brookins and her four children built a 3500 square foot home learning from YouTube videos. A heart gripping and life altering story of how Cara discovered a unique way to heal from the unthinkable and instill a gift within her children that will last a lifetime!

Cara’s story began rooted in two marriages riddled in domestic violence. The overspill of the tumultuous environment poured into every part of her young children’s world. With the youngest at age two, Cara left the second marriage to find herself, as well as a different path for her children. Cara knew one of the best ways to help her children was to instill confidence, but how? Cara’s epiphany to build a house with her children struck her like a bolt of lightning. “When I have an idea, I am famous for having two steps out the door!” With full steam ahead Cara dove into YouTube videos, researched, and with sheer determination went after bank loans. Listen in as Cara describes the unbelievable and miraculous challenges along the way.

When the final nail was struck, the final wall put up, and the building inspector approved, many people would think the joy of wrapping yourself in something you built would be overwhelming. However, Cara found herself stricken with horrible news the very day all was clear with the house. After learning to build the house together, find out how Cara’s children drew on their teamwork and navigated through a major life event. 

Today Cara motivates rooms full of people to look beyond life challenges and take leaps toward their futures. Her book, Rise, catapulted her story into the viral stratosphere, being downloaded over two billion times! Listen in as Cara shares where her journey is taking her next and how you can be part of the fearlessness!