14 Lisa Tracey – Making Room for Miracles in Your Family

August 25, 2016

  • "You just open your mind up and you never know what miracles are going to come into your life."
  • "You just have to stay true to yourself and be positive."
  • "Look at the whole picture and think about what you can do to help others."

Today I’m excited to share my conversation with Lisa Tracey, yet another amazing and remarkable woman that I’m blessed and privileged to know.

Lisa and I met at an event a while back, and she told me the story of her unexpected changing family, so I really wanted to share her amazing story with you.

I think you’re going to love Lisa’s positive outlook and the way she took a life event that could have been extremely challenging, but used it to build a happier life. She is all about being open-minded to change, and welcoming people to love and care for into her life.