140 Julie Foucht ~ “There’s only strength to be gained by asking.”

May 8, 2020

  • "You are not alone. There is a future ‘you’ guiding you right now."
  • "I wanted to heal myself enough so I could have a relationship."
  • "No woman should have to choose to stay in a place because she doesn’t have enough money."

"What you are going through now is building in you a well of strength and skills that you will use later in life to do the work that you are actually supposed to do here."
~ Julie Foucht

Get ready to empower yourself through the uncertainty of these challenging days with my amazing guest who discovered her gift by way of shocking paranormal activity!  Julie Foucht is a brilliant intuitive who has brought her talents to a coaching platform with a passion for supporting women in the art of feminine marketing. At a time when we are all being tested to limits we never knew existed, perhaps tapping into a different part of your being is the light that will pull you through to the other side! 

Julie’s intuitive gift was discovered at the young age of seven but it was not until years later she found the power within to grow her purpose. Listen in as Julie describes a childhood filled with learning to “turn off” her gift so she could survive living in a house with troubled spirits.  As an adult, Julie continued to deny her intuitive gift. Her life progressed through a twenty year abusive marriage and ultimately led to living a “split life.”  Julie’s nudge to escape the marriage came in surprising forms by unearthing the one thing she suppressed for years. “At that point, ‘source’ was nudging me.” Listen in as Julie describes how she stepped out of fear and into faith. Powerful insight from Julie as she dives deep into how to listen and be guided by spirit to live your best life!