141 Tom DeLano ~ “Still as I tell the story it is not believable.”

May 14, 2020

  • "I looked at my 9 year old and looked at my bank account and the choice was easy so I left to help him."
  • "The doors were open and we went through a process."

"We were all in a place of fear, shock, and worry."
~ Tom DeLano

FIRST time ever in the history of A Celebration of YOU I am hosting a guest who has been instrumental in my healing journey! Amazing Tom DeLano, founder of BioAlignment, has been a gift to my life in so many ways that I am sharing him with you today! Listen in as I detail for the first time my experiences with undiscovered trauma and Tom’s fascinating experiences discovering memory reconciliation.

Tom’s journey helping people heal began as a very personal mission when his home was burglarized. As a result of the incident, Tom’s nine year old son suffered severe PTSD and despite trying everything from cognitive behavioral therapy to various alternative options, his son was not able to overcome the trauma. As a successful management consultant, Tom knew he had the skills to research and find a way to help his son so he took a leap of faith that dramatically changed his life. “I knew if I didn’t try there was no size bank account that would change things.” Listen in as Tom describes the shocking and life altering moment his son’s transformation began.

Discovering memory reconsolidation was the key to helping Tom’s son in a way that was so powerful, it became his mission to help others overcome and live their best life. Tom’s story, along with the details of my own undiscovered trauma, reveals a method so transformative, it is my hope to help you or someone in your life find a way and heal.